Has a vast and truly international knowledge in the field of restaurants and bars. An expert in food service design. Assures that clients and owners are presented an all-round envelope that gives confidence, guidance as well as clear vision

Senior Vice President -  Major Hotel Company


Dedicated executive who displays a strong sense of ownership and solid all-round knowledge

Vice President -  Restaurant Company


His vast experience is immense and there are so many projects around the world, and more especially in Asia, where his expertise was at the creation of many restaurants within the big hotel groups and his knowledge of designers is impressive

Managing Director – Restaurant Company


Making it the finest and most prestigious

President & Chief Executive Officer


Increase profitability under difficult circumstances

Regional Director


Particular effective in functioning in a multi-cultural environment and demonstrates a fluency in engaging with diverse project team members from around the world whether they are developers, architects, interior designers and clients

Vice President -  Design & Technical Services


Improved profits of a 33 Million US$ with 8.5 percentage points

General Manager


Intimate knowledge of hospitality business



Increased revenue with over 20% percent of this 20 million US$ operation and almost doubled the profit percentage

Vice President Operations


Excellent abilities in improving quality and service standards, strong analytical skills

Managing Director Asia & Pacific


Excellent logistical skills, very innovative in concepts and operational ideas

Vice President Operations


Respected analyst, very creative and despite tough market conditions improved profits with 5 percentage points

General Manager


Details can be provided upon request and a signed non-disclosure agreement

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